Rotary Club of Nagpur MIHAN Town - a brainchild of Rotary Club of Nagpur DOWNTOWN under the RI’s member extension programme – was chartered on 28th of May 2010 under the able leadership of Rtn. Bipin Rathi as Charter President and Rtn. Utkarsh Khopkar as Chaarter Secretary. They were ably supported by a whole lot of members with different capacities and responsibilities. However, Rtn. Sarvasukh Acharya – Rotarian since mid eighties – was the moving force behind the leaders. Rightfully Rtn. Bipin was followed by Rtn. SS Acharya as president and the leadership kept moving from one hand to other all proving to be excellent.

The club chartered with a initial membership of 42 to reach 70 today and moving towards the century mark soon.

5 years of Rotary MIHAN could cover lot of ground in every thrust areas prescribed by Rotary International. We left our foot print in (i) Rain Water harvesting – more than 2 Million litres (ii) Village enliftment and empowerment in more than 2 (two) villages – literacy, environment, self help groups and empowerment, (iii) Large Scale tree plantations – upwards of 8000 plants so far with a minimum survival rate upwards of 55%.

We engage in social and cultural activities. Ram Navami, Diwali, Christmas we engage for entertainment and empathy. Old age homes, orphanages, physically challenged kids, mentally challenged kids and many more institutions are extended assistance in many ways regularly.

Catch them Young: Kids and adult kids are the future and they are our target for moulding future citizens; future Rotarians as well. Rotary MIHAN under its wings in nurturing 3 professional colleges with more than 700 registered Roteractors where adult kids and those who are ready step out to the world are engaged in social and community based activities and they are guided through professional trainers periodically. Here lies our hope.

Rotary MIHAN under its wings, also have three schools registering more than 1400 or more kids in the very early ages. They too are trained, and guided through many competitive programmes as well as community service, national serive etc.

Rotary MIHAN was involved in many social and rural activities. We dream of ideal or smart villages and our activities are centric to this vision. Be it literacy of all sorts, environment preservation, creation of good citzens and the list goes on…….

We assure you that we will keep updating our services already rendered…..